About visionMCU Services

Our visionMCU videoconference bridge offers outstanding HD quality services.

What would a city like Cologne be without bridges? The Rhine bridges connect the banks, so that people and goods can cross the river in different places. This happens uninterrupted and unnoticed day and night. Exactly the same happens on our video bridge. However, it not only connects two sites, but as many as you like and not just at our company location world!

What is visionMCU?

The visionMCU is an interface. MCU stands for Multipoint Control Unit. It is the authoritative connection between all participants or participating terminals. In a matter of seconds it brings together image and sound data as well as documents and files, transforms them and distributes them further. This requires a very high computing power, which must work flawlessly. This computing power we provide our customers with our video bridge, because it is located on our proprietary, highly available servers.

Videoconference in a new dimension

If you think blurry, jerky pictures, poor sound quality, and connection failures right away when you're talking about video conferencing, then you have not come to grips with the benefits of crisp HD quality in combination with brilliant real-time audio. Exactly these advantages you experience with us, no matter whether the participants are to be switched on by telephone, SIP / H323 terminals, Softclient, App or via webRTC.

Why visionMCU?

Vision Consulting Deutschland GmbH has existed for over 20 years and has specialized in video conferencing technology right from the start. We have always adapted our server landscape to the latest requirements. Today we can always draw on our wealth of experience.

Our offer: Rent our video bridge!

Free of annoying maintenance work, free from the purchase of licenses and expensive hardware, you benefit completely from our state-of-the-art video technology. With the visionMCU this is much easier than you think! We are happy to supply the appropriate video conference systems.