visionMCU combines all essential features 

The visionMCU is a cloud-based videoconference-interface which combines all essential features. Invisible for users but indispensable for videoconferencing between two or more clients. Below we would like to inform you about the features visionMCU offers. 
In order to be well protected against cyber attacks, a traversal server is required. To conduct a videoconference, the firewall has to be more permeable. A Gatekeeper ensures maximal protection. Our traversal servers use the H.460 protocol to achieve this. 
The meeting management server provides a lot of useful features for planing videoconferences. Each invited participant receives an E-Mail which includes all important information and links. If Outlook is used, the conference appointment will be automatically saved into the schedule. If you are using videoconference systems from Yealink, automatic determined calls are possible. What is more, the user is able to change all settings of the videoconference. These settings are for example adjustments of video- and audioquality. Furthermore any single camera and microphone can be switched on or off and the screen layout can be varied. 
The registrar and enterprise directory servers are an unit which lists all devices which have an account in an directory and works as a mediator between those devices. The mediation process saves time since the sing up process gets simplyfied.
Both H.323 and SIP protocol are supported by visionMCU. 
visionMCU supports Microsoft Skype for business.
The multipoint control unit ensures connection between several participants with different resolutions. The computing capacity of visionMCU achieves the best result for each end device. 
Provided that authorization is granted by the customer, all updates can be installed remotely. 
The dedicated streaming server is required to livestream audio or video data. The data won`t be available after Streaming is finished. 
Optionally, audio and video data can be recorded by the recording server for later use.

Any Questions?

Please don`t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer your questions concerning video conferencing. If you like, you can test visionMCU for free.